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Update: 17th Dec These have no been confirmed with the exception of 4.02 which was changed slightly to just "Confirmed Dead"

Thanks to Hugo815 for the following information about a user over at Lostpedia who posted the correct Season 4 premiere title nearly 2 weeks before it was revealed on any site? Either he is got lucky (unlikely) or works for TV Guide and got to see an early draft of the magazine, or he has inside info on the show.

After reading here that 4x03 was confirmed to be "The Economist", I remembered some edits on lostpedia more than a month ago, and weeks before "The Beginning of the End" name was revealed.

Riothouse73 wrote that:

4x01 was "The Beginning of the End"
4x02 was "324 Confirmed dead"
4x03 was "The Economist"
(324 is/was the number of people on 815)

Maybe you have seen this before, but make of it what you will.

Source: Riouthouse73

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