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HOAX : Little Casting Rumour

Thanks to Nomad for this little bit of info. I suspect this is probably true but I cannot confirm currently. Also note that the roles that they audition for sometimes change eg He could be a Professor or turn out to be a plumber.

I worked with an actor named Nick Chinlund on a made for tv film last year up in Canada. I moved to New York about two months ago and I'm just staying with my sister for a few more months just checking out the city to see if it's a place I might consider working and living in.

Anyways, I ran into Nick at a little hole in the wall restaurant in the city over the weekend. We caught up and talked for a couple of minutes. He talked about his current projects and he revealed that he auditioned for Lost for the character of Brian which he said was actually named Professor Brian Harper in the actual auditions. He got two call backs and thought the part was his but his agent told him one of the producers of the show got an actor from a movie they did together to take the part. The character is a Egyptian history professor in the states according to Nick.

He lost the part to Brad William Henke who worked with Damon Lindelof on the Star Trek movie.

Source: Nomad @ DarkUFO

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