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Update: 16th September Thanks to Adry for the heads up that this now looks like a hoax.

The pic they gave you is from V'set in Vancouver. Take a look: http://elizabeth-mitchell.org/?p=2276 It's the same place. You can see more pics of that set on this blog: http://my-adventures-maryann.blogspot.com/

Thanks to one of our Island contacts EsPiA who has sent through the following filming report. This could be for 6.02 or 6.03

I got a call that Lost was filming near my work yesterday. I had the day off so I thought what the hell I'll give it a try. Their filming location was right next to a public walkway and I used that to my advantage for a couple of hours.

Exterior scene. Outside the doors of a medical building. (pictured below with Ben and Ben's photo double)

Michael Emerson is sitting in the background with his trenchcoat off, he was talking to the crew and just relaxing in between takes. His photo double was being moved into position by the people behind the camera and they were taking some sort of light and camera measurement. Like I said this was very much a public walkway and they only stopped pedestrian traffic when they were filming. I walked nearly right next to the cameras on the walkway and I covertly snapped a photo. One of the members of the security staff immediately saw me and told me I could watch the filming from the public access areas but asked me not to take any more photos and to please dispose of any previous photos I may have taken.

Michael Emerson came back on set and was wearing a long gray trenchcoat with black pants. In the first part of the scene Ben is watching someone from a distance as they exit this building. It's some sort of medical building as doctors and nurses were used as extras coming in and out of the building. Because of where I was standing I could not see who Ben was watching. I shifted positions and moved over towards the building a little bit and holy shit there he was, Johnny Fucking Locke. Locke was in his wheelchair and at this time they were just filming Ben watch Locke wheel himself out of the building. Locke seemed very sad and kept his head down as he wheeled himself towards the street.

After that they moved towards the street very close to us on the public walkway. Locke is sitting in his wheelchair waiting for a cab (or some other form of transportation). He looks depressed and they showed him watching this little kid running with a red ball and the ball goes into the street and the kid runs after it and they did a stunt where a car slams on it's brakes and the car never really got remotely close to the kid but maybe it will look better on camera. They put the camera on Locke trying to save the kid but he can't walk and there's nothing he could do. Locke falls out of his wheelchair and tries to crawl towards the kid to save him. The kid is fine and he just picks up his ball and runs back onto the sidewalk. They showed Ben watching this from behind Locke and once Locke tries to save the kid Ben must have seen what he had been waiting for as he ran over to Locke and helped him up. Locke is pissed off at the world and he didn't want to be helped up.

Source: EsPiA@DarkUFO

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