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Update: 14th March This has now been confirmed as true here.

Thanks to J for sending this over to use from someone who was working on the show. We've no way currently to verify this info but we hope to soon

He told me the following:

1) That he was playing one of Widmore's goons.
2) He and a few other fellows were having a shoot-out on the island with some of the Losties and that his character is responsible for wounding Kate (he called her Evie) in the arm.
3) That the Losties will board the sub (obviously a new one, since the last one was blown-up).
4) That Flocke gives Jack a backpack that Jack takes on the sub with him.
5) Unknown to Jack, the backpack has a bomb in it.
6) The bomb explodes and only 5 of the Losties survive. He said he thinks the five who survive are Jack, Sayid, Hurley, Kate and Claire but is not sure. (I cannot imagine how he would know this...seems like he left out some info.).

Source: J@DarkUFO

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