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HOAX : New Season 6 Promo?

Update: Confirmed hoax video that has been doing the rounds.

Thanks to DarkUFO reader Daniel for the heads up on this. If we find this we'll be sure to post in Spoilers.

Let me describe it for you, post if you think it's relevant:

- - - -

While clicking through the ABC site yesterday I stumbled upon a :30 promo for S6. Today it is gone. I have looked at all the ususal sites and cannot find it anywhere. I'm so sorry I didn't save it. At the time it did not occur to me that would not be there later.

If anyone finds it, please post. In any case, I will narrate it for you now...

This is a very dark and foreboding spot with a "you're doomed" type sound track . It starts with the LOST graphic inverted just like the end of S5, white is black and black is white. The scene is on- board flight 815 as the passengers are finding their seats - just like in S1, but darker. Hurley gives Walt the thumbs-up, etc. The scene plays on like the original - showing all the main characters one by one until it gets to Jack and Locke. Jack gives Locke that little glancing smile, then the camera zooms into a seething Locke - THE MAN IN BLACK VERSION! The Man In Black Locke in on 815 before it takes off! The shot then cuts to a rapid montage of island images (10 or so) related to Locke, like the hatch timer, etc. then the image cuts to a shot of a plane crashing on land at night in bad weather. It does not crash on a beach, at least not a deserted one because there are clearly buildings in the foregound. The wing clips one of these buildings as it makes impact. The plane did not appear to have Oceanic markings on the tail, but it was dark. There were lights on the ground but not enough to make it obvious it was a city (maybe LA)? As the crashing plane fills the frame the shot cuts to the title graphic, inverted as before.

Has anyone else seen this? If you do, grab it quick!

Source: DarkUFO

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