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Thanks to MuscleBob_BuffPants for the following info. In addition to the info below, they also mentioned that by the end of the season, Paulo would leave the show but would not be killed.I'm listening to the Jay and Jack podcast right now and I know Dark touched upon some of these spoilers but I have more info regarding them.

HOAX: Paulo/Nikki

Apparently it has been confirmed that the producers are not going to waste Rodrigo Santoro's talent on some jerk. Paulo is a lot more than what he seems and by the end of the season he will be off the show, but he will not die. The fact that he speaks Portuguese is not coincidence considering the two men in the listening station also speak Portuguese so there is a connection there. THE REASON BOTH NIKKI AND PAULO HAVE NOT BEEN SEEN SINCE THE BEGINNING IS BECAUSE THEY WERE LIVING ON A DIFFERENT PART OF THE ISLAND UP UNTIL RECENTLY. They are from the Front of the Plane.

TRUE: Desmond/Charlie

Dark posted screen caps and what not of London scene and descriptions of what will happen but just to add a little more to his spoilers it will show that Desmond has shown to have the precognitive powers BEFORE the island. He will predict the rain right in front of Charlie, and it will be revealed after the hiatus that Charlie and Desmond remember each other. The look Charlie gave Desmond at the end of the lightening rod scene was because he remembers Desmond doing this before. This would also explain Desmond's undying confidence that Sara would be ok when he talked to Jack in the stadium. So there you have it! DESMOND AND CHARLIE ARE THE FIRST TWO CHARACTERS TO REMEMBER EACH OTHER BEFORE THE ISLAND, YAY (DarkUFO: Actually Desmond and Jack were)! What does this mean? Could more people realize they've met each other before the island? Will the mysterious connections start to be explored by the characters themselves?
Source: Jack and Jay Podcast

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