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HOAX : Juliet's revenge


Thanks to Becky for sending me this info. I'm not that convinced by this article to be honest, hence the rumour section, although BuddyTV has had some good information in the past. To be on the safe side I'm going to post in the Rumours section.LOST Episode 3x07: Not in Portland
Obviously, the follow-up to "I Do's" cliff hanger, this episode will reveal whether or not Jack, Kate and Sawyer make it off the island! The Episode is Juliet centric, telling her story from back in the really-real world. The episode also Guest stars William Mapother as Ethan. The rumored plot goes something like this: While Sawyer and Kate run through the jungle, Juliet convinces Jack that his plan will not work; Kate and Sawyer will surely be caught before they find a way off the island and the others vying for Ben's death will quickly gain control. If it is escape he wants, he will need to go with her. Kate and Sawyer are rescued by Danielle's daughter, Alex. Jack thinks he is being taken to Kate and Sawyer who are waiting on a boat, in the end of the episode we learn that Ethan was Juliet's husband and her plot to kill Ben was a rouse all along as she shoots... well, I'm not going there, but suffice to say she has revenge on her mind.
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