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Found this over at the Fuselage. It seems to tie in with the snippets that we know so far but to be careful I've placed it in the rumours section.This was given by an extra who worked the scene. Does not want to be identified for obvious reasons but I trust the source 110%. Has reliable credentials.

In the pub, Desmond is talking with a friend/business partner (?) about his recent abilities of prediction, trying to convince him that he has lived this particular moment before. The friend is a middle-eastern looking guy, don't think has anything to do with anything. The bar patrons are following a Brit football match. Des tells his friend several things will happen in a particular order, like who's making the next score, who walks through the door, and an angry patron who attacks the bartender. Des is getting very worked up because the friend isn't taking him seriously.

Finally, the moment he's insisting will happen comes. Only one of the 3 things actually happens. Des is devastated. He insists they wait and keep watching.

Ultimately, what happens is Des is really broken down by his failure. The next day, he's drowning his sorrows at the bar again, talking to the bartender. The game is on again. This time the other 2 events happen, but not the 3rd. Just as he had predicted would happen yesterday, a burly guy stalks into the pub with a cricket mallet and takes a swing at the bartender. The bartender ducks and Des takes a nasty blow to the head. THAT was not part of his premonition. Now Des is really messed up. End scene.

So take on all this is that the show is going into the quantum physics direction of parallel universes. ... did hear the phrase 'quantum physics' in their conversation.
Source: The Fuselage

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