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Found this is a UK Paper called the Sunday Mirror which has been known for printing not the most accurate of articles, hence the inclusion in the Rumours section.

FIONNULA Flanagan is set to make a ghostly entrance to the cult TV show Lost.

The veteran actress, 64, has just finished filming scenes for the upcoming fourth series in Hawaii.

Producers are staying tight-lipped about her role, saying only that she will be playing "a person very important" to hunky castaway Desmond.

Pictures in the US last week showed Dubliner Fionnula with Desmond in a flashback scene in what is supposed to be a London street.

One theory is she has been cast as the deceased mum of Desmond, played by Scots-born actor Henry Ian Cusick.

Fionnula's part in the TV hit - watched by 21 million in the US - follows her success in the acclaimed Irish gangster show The Brotherhood.

"She's an extremely versatile actress but is of an age when she is suited to playing people's mothers - dead or alive," an insider said.
Source: Sunday Mirror

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