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I've just been emailed the following but have no idea as to their source, although a number of points correspond to information that has been sent to me independently.

UPDATE 15th Jan: I've just found out that these spoilers were originally posted over at StationZero My apologies to them.- Ben wakes up during the surgery.

- Karl - Sawyer's cage buddy from Tale of Two Cities and Alex's boyfriend - is being held on the hydra island. Alex saves Kate and Sawyer and makes a deal, if they help her rescue Karl she will get them off the island. They go to another station, a smaller one, where Karl is being held. Sawyer over powers the guard and they break in. Inside Karl is strapped to a chair with his eyes forced open. He is being forced to watch a strange movie. The scene has definite brain-washing implications. The movie is of the level of the hatch map and even more. Lots of images to digest, freeze-frame, and theorize on. Get your pause buttons ready.

- Juliet kills Pickett to help Kate and Sawyer escape.

- Even though you think you know Juliet's motives, you don't. She is a master manipulator with a very personal agenda. That agenda will be known in the final act.

- One person I spoke with speculated that Juliet thinks Jack killed Ethan.

- Juliet's flash-back is very connected to how she came to be on the island in the first-place. You should also pay careful attention to 'when' the flash back seems to be taking place.
Source: StationZer0

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