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UPDATE: Having seen the new trailer, this looks like being legit.

Have been sent this by Nate, one on my reliable sources, however this seems so out there I just had to post in Rumours.

Ethan implanted a control device in Claire when she was his captive. The others can trigger her to be sick. Juliet travels to the Losties camp to cure Claire.

Paulo & Nikki start searching for diamonds on the island and encounter spiders that paralyze you when they bite you - as in Voodoo Zombie "He is clinically dead let's bury him" type of paralyzation. Nikki learned about this from her teacher - who was the same guy blown up by the dynamite. They end up finding diamonds and Nikki somehow arranges one of the spiders to bite paulo. After Paulo gets bit she accidentally gets bit as well. When they are found they are presumed dead and are buried alive. This is in the final cut. It is possible that Paulo getting shot was another take meant to throw off rumors? Maybe. But this is now 100% certain - The 2 new losties get killed because they are presumed dead and buried alive.

Locke find the submarine that Juliet was brought to the island on and blows it up (old news by now). Juliet's cancer ridden sister was supposedly cured by Henry Gale.

For now, it seems like Jack is becoming one of the others.

Source: Nate

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