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UPDATE: 18th March : Now confirmed as a hoax.

Thanks to Vid and Jeebs for this info. I'm 99.9% sure this is fake but seeing as it's posted on a few Lost sites now I will post it in rumours for what it's worth. If anyone knows the original source of this please let me know.

NOTE: This was translated from a Spanish source.

The Man of Tallahassee is the name of the surgeon who diagnosed that Locke has paralysis of the waist for down.

Locke is paralyzed in a confrontation with one of his father's con victims. The sucker, Anthony Cooper threatens Helen saying to the Brigade of Criminal Investigation of her position, Anthony Cooper has been calling Locke and requesting to him to cover it, with threats. In Locke revenge it persecutes to his father in a golden Pontiac, Cooper escapes but one of the partisans follows it until a precipice. He survives but it is paralyzed.

Also, we discovered that Mikhail Bakukin was one of the witnesses of the accident that caused Locke to be paralyzed!

Okay, this was hard to translate, but lets guess that Locke is run down by an upset person his Dad had conned.

On the Island: Sayid, Locke, Rousseau and Kate are at the village of the Others and they wait until dusk. Then Sayid and Rousseau go looking for the OPERATIONS CENTERS (that is noted in the map), Kate & Locke find a house where Ben is sleeping. Kate & Locke points their weapons at Ben, threatening to kill him and to destroy the house unless the Others release to Alex and Jack.

Ben says "no", telling them that Alex is his daughter and Jack is not a prisoner, Locke shoots in the air as a threat, which alerts a guard, who catches them. The guard takes away Kate, but Locke stays with Ben.

And Locke drops his weapon... he doesn't care about Jack, he wants the submarine.

At the beach, Desmond tells Sawyer that needs he needs a weapon. Sawyer gives one him in exchange for the whiskey. Desmond takes the weapon and it points it, then out-of-nowhere, a wild boar appears and Desmond kills it with an accurate shot. While most of the survivors are delighted with the wild boar; Charlie and Hurley seems anxious.

In Otherville, the Others take Kate to see Jack, who says he won't return to the beach, that he's been given a chance to "go home", Kate tells Jack that since the purple sky, the ultrasonic radar which allows the Others to leave/return to the Island has been destroyed... i.e. Ben is lying to Jack; the sub can't leave and take him home. That makes Jack think seriously about the deal Ben offered him. Then Jack tells Kate that he'll return to the beach in time, but Kate has to help Juliet escape. Once they do escape, they'll have to find a place to hide everyone from the Others. Kate suggests the Staff hatch.

In a wheelchair now, Ben takes Locke to the beach; Ben shows him the submarine and says that if Locke really wants to leave, take the submarine, he's free to leave. Ben gives Locke a moment to think it over, and in the free time, Locke ties the C4 explosive to the submarine and threatens to blow it up unless Ben tells him the secret of the Island.

Ben claims that the Others know very little of Island's secrets, just that it has a security system, that has killed some flawed people, it occassionally appears as a black smoke cloud.

Ben also tells Locke that there is a more destructive group of people on the Island, located in an old Dharma Monitoring Station. Most of the time, this group of Dharma Monitors are passive and they never risk coming out on the island but once and a while they come out and are known to kill. Locke does not think what Ben tells him is true, but Ben says this second group of Dharma monitors is the reason for the Others secretive nature. Then Ben tells Locke, he'll give him once last bit of info, but it cuts before we the audience hear what he tells Locke...

Sayid and Rousseau discover a small hatchway of storage of archives and they venture themselves in it, find notes detailed on the survivors (aka Losties), and also a census for Otherville that Sayid keeps in the pocket and a list of several civilians who are brief like C.V. (of there CURRICULUM VITAE in the map of Radzinskys)

Kate is returned to Locke, and begins to tells him of Jack's plan, but Locke knocks her on the head, unconscious to the ground. Tom and another Other plus take her to some site in the forest. Ben is thankful to Locke and says that at the moment there is a truce, and then tells Locke, remembers what I said: you will find what his you look for you go there. The episode ends with Locke explaining to Sayid and Rousseau which he has called a truce with Ben and that Kate has escaped...


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