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UPDATE: 25th April - I can now confirm this as true through my other sources.

Found this on Spoilerfix but I've no idea who this Matt is. Seems strange that they would post this with no real source or explanation, although Spoilerfix have an excellent record. I'm placing it in rumours as there is no real source but it does tie in somewhat to what I've been told.

Site visitor Matt sent us information about what Naomi will tell the survivors about Flight 815: "At the close of the episode our beloved cast aways will inform the parachute girl that they're survivors of Oceanic flight 815. The parachute girl will give them the unfortunate news that what they've just told her is impossible seeing as how the wreckage of that flight was found and recovered, and that there were no survivors. The episode promptly ends thereafter."]

Source: Spoilerfix

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