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With the long Hiatus I suspect that the rumours section could become one of the busiest parts of the site. As usual take with a pinch of salt.

So we are couple of weeks into the off season and I am sure each and everyone of us is just itching for some insight on Season 4.....well guess what....!!??

I have the first set of MAJOR MAJOR spoilers for season 4...!!

Now before I start I would like to clarify a few things......the info is from a VERY credible source and NO I will not tell you who/what gave me this information....

Also, I have been sitting on these spoilers for a few days now (because of my trip) and do NOT know what has already been posted on other sites. So if any of these are repeat spoilers, sorry.

Furthermore, my source told me, that as of this past weekend ONLY the story board for S4Ep1 was in the works.....SO please take ALL of the spoilers below with a BAG of salt....the writers are known to change their minds..... :)

HOWEVER, like I said this info is from a credible source and is based on the WRITER'S GENERAL DIRECTION FOR SEASON 4. Plus, keep in mind that majority of spoilers I posted for the last few episodes of season 3 were true. The spoilers that didn't occur were cut and will MOST LIKELY make the DVDs or will happen in Season 4.


NOTE: The spoilers are numbered and some of them are followed by my opinions after dash marks.

1) The REASON why Kate is NOT in jail during the future (flash-forward) story WILL be explained in the first 2 episodes

2) Penny will play a big role in the first 4 episodes and/or later

3) MORE deaths on the way

-- Uh ohhh.....maybe those rumors about the cast NOT getting along ARE true....

4) MORE new Losties will be introduced

-- Hopefully the writers have learned their lessons and introduce them better than Razzle and Dazzle..

5) We WILL get a Danielle flashback but it will leave use wanting more.....the episode will explain some of the questions that the fans have asked at live events and forums...

-- WOOT!!! Hmmm....I wonder.....has she REALLY been on the island for 16 years....is she a an other....is she Annie....!!??

6) Many of the Losties who left the island WILL have a future story (flash-forward) and it will be SHOCKING to see what has happened since they left the island.....this will help us understand a little of WHY Jack really wants to go back

-- I am assuming we are going to see some MORE darkness and other Losties that have broken down just like Jack. Also I guess this puts to rest the argument that JUST Jack and Kate got off the island.

7) Still MANY flashback stories on the LOSTIES have yet to be closed

8) Jacob is the NEW monster (he will be seen in many episodes but not explained) and the monster will be explained (sort of)

-- Ooookkk....lol....this one alone will keep me confused during the off season.......???

9) The history of the island WILL be explained but unsure if that means about the "natives" or the island itself....

-- Natives huh...??....can any one say Ancient Cultures Thread........??

10) The Ruins and the "Temple" mentioned by Ben will be the explored by Locke

-- Hmmm looks like Bad-Ass Locke is on more adventures...??

11) Michael & Walt and also.......Libby WILL return BUT don't expect much of their stories until mid-season

-- Sooo I assume this MEANS Michael & Walt in REAL time OR flash-forwards and perhaps either Zombie Libby OR her in MORE flash-backs.

Source: The ODI

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