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TRUE : Charlie back for Season 4?

Just received an email from PaceJunkie who is a well known poster on a number of Lost Forums etc. This is not really a rumour but more of a collection of tidbits of info that make for an interesting post/theory etc and as it contains possible spoilers/rumours the best place is the rumours section.

It's an interesting read nonetheless.

I don't know if you want to investigate this or just consider it a rumour, but a few things got me wondering whether Charlie may return in season five, and not just in flashback.

First there was your spoiler post quoting Damon when asked to give season four spoilers, the first thing he mentioned were the "save Charlie" T-shirts. Then, I learned from those who met Dom at London Film and Comic Con two weeks ago that on Saturday he was giving out stickers that said "I was Here Moments Ago". Here's the forum where they discuss it. Dom made sure everyone took one. He told someone getting an autograph that he could be back on Lost. I googled the phrase from the sticker and found your easter egg post showing that sticker on Charlie's guitar in GH. When fans asked him about the meaning behind his giving out those stickers at LFCC, he responded that it was a secret, but that "we would find out this time next year" (see Moffel's post from The Fuselage. There are other reports but I don't have links).

Could the mystery be that they learn in season four that Charlie's body is missing from the Looking Glass (when it was there moments ago) and in season five he somehow returns? There is still alot about that station and its white rabbit/black hole logo that is unexplained. Damon also said names mean something, and we know Charlotte Malkin (female form of Charlie) appeared to drown in icy water only to return. Also there is a new character cast called Charlotte who is "English, funny and in her 20's". Claire may now be left holding on to Charlie's ring without a body to bury very much like Rose did, always believing Bernard was alive when no one else did. Is that a clue that Charlie will return in a year like Bernard did? We still have Locke's vision of Charlie and Claire married in the airport from FI (note her wedding ring). Are these clues to Charlie's eventual resurrection via the mysterious island?

Whether it's enough to consider a spoiler or not, I just think Dom giving those stickers out at LFCC when he has supposedly moved on from Lost and telling people we would learn the meaning next year (post season four finale) tells me Charlie's story may not be over.
Don't you just love a mystery? Make of it what you will but I think there is enough evidence to at least put it out there to ponder.


Source: PaceJunkie

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