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There are several rumors about the plan and structure for Season 5 and one of the main rumors is about how the future or Flash forwards we are seeing (2007) will actually be present time with flash backs to the Island. The writers have also confirmed that perhaps a time will come that "flash" will no longer be required.

Since we are unable to confirm this yet, we are posting it here in the rumors section.

Thanks to Thomas for this tidbit:

A friend who works in the Closed Captioning industry in LA has told me this little tidbit.

At some point in the finale a scene jumps to the aircraft pilot as a flashback - from the present off island.

Based on this information, can we assume sometime in the near future (i.e. season 5) we will be in the 'present' in the real world off island, and then flashbacks will now flash to the "past" (which we now think of as the present) on island?

Kinda a mirror image of the past 3 season.

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