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Thanks to DPat for the following filming report. Whilst I doubt this report, until I can verify that this is correct I'll leave in the Rumours section.

The Lost people were out and about on Saturday going door to door to the apartments nearbye the pier. They gave us these handouts that said they were with ABC and that they would be filming on the pier and at the pier entrance Sunday afternoon. They told us not to call 911 because of the gunshots and explosions. I asked the ABC girl if I could watch them film and she said that it was a closed set.

That didn't matter much because my neighbor across the way had a near perfect view of the filming from his balcony and we watched the film from 12:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Ok, they got their pretty early in the morning. They set up black tents and they had trailers at a public parking area a few blocks away. They had these yellow signs that said base camp all over the place. One of my neighbors said they have more yellow signs at the PCH exit. If you decide to share this on your blog you will need to help me out with the character names as I don't follow the show religiously. They had two different locations right next to the same site. The first location was the Santa Monica Pier, and the second location was just outside of the park right next to the pier and they had fake signs up for the Roosevelt Hotel. There is a very boxey hotel looking apartment building right next to the signs and I think they were trying to make that look like the side of a hotel.

The pier was open for the entire morning and it was only closed for about an hour while the gunshots and the explosion scene was filmed. The first scene they filmed was a bald middle eastern man and an old white guy in a suit. The old guy hands the bald man a photograph. They shot this scene for like an hour.

The pier was still open at this time and we made our way towards the filming. They had signs up saying that we may be filmed if we enter this area. We got kind of close but the security and the crew were very protective of the set. What we saw up close was just the bald middle eastern actor talking on a cell phone and looking around like he was being watched.

We could not hear anything he was saying. I did talk to a female production assistant and she said she has never worked on Lost before and that she and her crew were just hired for the day. She said the regular Lost crew is still in Hawaii. All she would say about the episode is that it was the tenth episode of the season and that back in Hawaii they are still shooting episode 9 and they would not be starting the tenth episode in Hawaii until next Monday. They had to shoot in Los Angeles for one day and they wanted the genuine pier. The woman heard some voices on her little walkie talkie and she sprung into action.

The man of the hour came on set. Mr. Naveen Andrews.

The security people and the local police moved everybody back. The scene they filmed here was the bald middle eastern guy (one of the people in the crowd said that he was the main terrorist from the new Iron Man movie) walking right past Sayid and his middle eastern girlfriend. The bald man makes sure to look at Sayid but Sayid and his girl did not appear to notice the bald man.

They then quickly moved on to another scene. Sayid and the middle eastern woman are kissing and having a fun time on the pier. They set up a fake shooting game on the pier. Sayid won a huge stuffed animal in some sort of b.b. gun shooting game. He gives her the polar bear and they kiss. They did this scene like ten times it seemed like.

Sayid and the woman head to his car which is magically located just outside the entrance to the pier. Here is where the craziness ensues. They once again gave everyone a warning via a insanely loud bullhorn.

They set up the shot for about 45 minutes.

A guy in a black Lincoln Navigator drives up next to Sayid. Sayid and the women are kissing and having a moment together. Then BOOM BOOM BOOM!!! Shots ring out.

Sayid shields the girl and they dive next to Sayid's car.

They did this twice and it was pretty awesome, even with fake guns. The car takes all the damage and they had squibs and little mini bullet flashes on the car. It was very loud and sounded like a war zone for about 30 minutes.

Sayid places the girl in the car. He runs to the other side of his Mercedes coupe and peels out.

The Chase:
They did not film the chase scene anywhere near us. I have nothing on the chase. But I have no doubt there will be a chase or a huge accident because they towed another identical Mercedes Coupe in and it's all shot to hell and on fire. So something definitely happened in the timeframe between the peel out and the crash.

The crash:
So the car crashes somehow. They did not film any spectacular stunts or anything and they just brought in several cars in the middle of Ocean ave. There is a huge accident but they did not film it. They just show the after effects of the accident. There were some more gunshots but we were way to far away to see anything. We walked around to the other side of the park and we could see the scene a lot better. The local cops were just as interested as we were and they were cool with us. The last scene was pretty sad to watch and it was Sayid picking up and carrying his girlfriend who appeared to be dead. He let out some screams and was crying. They only shot this scene twice.

That was it. They cleaned up the street, moved all of their trucks, and everybody was gone by 7:00 p.m.

Source: DPAT@DarkUFO

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