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Update: 11th June Thanks to fyrestorme for letting me know that the Twitter Account has now been deleted.
Update: 23:30 I can now confirm this as False from the Twitter source.

Update: 23:25 TV Guide now have a little video discussing this.

Update: 23:20 Thanks to max_jaybo for this update. Also EOnline have jumped on the bandwagon and have made a post about this, of course with crediting/thanking us, but hey what's new :)

"LOST Final Season Scoop: All Principle Characters from Season 1 return for atleast part of the season minus Michael and Wald!! :)"

Source: Twitter

Thanks to NoOne for finding this on Twitter from a user who apparently works for Endeavor Talent Agency. I'm still trying to find out if this is true. No doubt this will appear on E!Online and Ausiello later with no credit to us whatsoever.

LOST Scoop: Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) returns for 4 episodes,Clarie (Emily De Ravin) for Full-season,Shannon (Maggie Grace) for 6 episodes!

Source: Twitter

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