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Here are some tidbits thanks to The Donkey Wheel from Damon Lindelof's appearance at a comic book shop in Sherman Oaks today.

No way to know if these are true or Damon was trying to keep us guessing, so we are posting these here for now.

Damon L. had a book signing tonight and he stated that when season one ended a woman asked him what is in the hatch. He signed something of hers and also wrote there is a man in the hatch that has to push a button every 108 min to save the world. She didn't believe what he wrote and laughed. This brings me to the things I saw he wrote today.

First he stated the Swan Hatch Paiting was "painted by Desmond to pass the time, but time came around to bite him in the ass"

Second he wrote "Sawyers true love will ALWAYS be Juliet. Kate, Meh."

Third "Why, Oh Why is it called the 'Swan'... literature, (name), literature"

Last "Faraday had the right idea but the wrong execution"

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