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Update: 1st Dec Thanks to Ruth for this update.

I can confirm that the outdoor shooting at Diamond Head is Lost. Filming will go on there until 9:30 tonight (my guess is longer though, because the weather is really bitchy today). Of course I forgot to ask them the most important question of all: who is there? But since it's the location they used for all the Iraq and desert scenes, my guess is most likely Sayid.
This is just rumor but I think I may have seen Evangeline Lilly on the studio lot. It toally looked like her but she got into a pickup truck with props and stuff on it and I can't imagine why she would drive that. But it really did look like her. Who knows...

Source: Ruth @ DarkUFO

Thanks to Ruth for sending over this little report which may or may not be related to Lost. Hopefully we can update soon along with some photos.

I'm not 100% sure that it's Lost, but there is filming going on at that bunker at Diamond Head, where they usually film the scenes in Iraq. I took a couple of pictures but they were just setting up and then it started raining like crazy. I will go back there later to see if they started shooting.
There's filming going on at the Diamond Head Studios as well, which I guess is that Black Rock thing with Richard. You can't really see anything, just a lot of trucks. I saw them unload a jeep, not sure if that's gonna be used for filming but it could be... I also spotted a little Kajak-like boat, made out of wood, almost like the ones that Juliet, Sawyer and co. used in that one episode in Season 5.
That's all so far, I'll report more if I see more. I'll be in Honolulu until tomorrow (Dec 1) evening.

Source: Ruth @ DarkUFO

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