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Thanks to CS for this and thanks to Susan for the report and the photos. We can't confirm the info from the Security guy currently, so we'll have to post it here in Rumours

The following pictures of the beach camp and my description and info from security guards might be spoilery, if what they told me is true.

At the beach camp graves, there are 7. 6 are covered with grass, 1 is covered but looks new, and 1 is empty and recently dug. And Sawyer's tent is more destroyed than it was a week ago when Cla was there. And his chair is by someone else's tent. The guards said they would all (the whole cast) be back there Wed. because they are supposed to be getting rescued. The rescue plane is further down. We didn't go see that. It was very hard to walk on the sand.

Source: Susan@SkateOutlaws

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