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I found this over at lost-media.com but have recently been shown to have been fake.

[03x01] The Road Less Traveled
4. October 2006:
Flashback: Jack Shephard
Autor: Damon Lindelof
Directed by: Jack Bender

[03x02] Somewhere Only We Know
11. October 2006:
Flashback: Kate Austen
Autor: Edward Kitsis and Carlton Cuse
Regie: Stephen Williams

[03x03] Scorched
18. October 2006:
Flashback: James "Sawyer" Ford
Autor: Carlton Cuse
Regie: Paul Edwards

[03x04] Was Blind, But Now I See
25. October 2006:
Flashback: Mr. Eko Tundi
Autor: Adam Horowitz
Regie: Jack Bender

[03x05] Buried Alive
1. November 2006
Flashback: John Locke
Autor: Damon Lindelof
Regie: Dan Attias

[03x06] The Way We Were
8. November 2006
Flashback: Tom "Zeke" Patterson
Autor: Carlton Cuse
Regie: Paul Edwards

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