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Thanks to Revolution for the following.

"On Penny Widmore's blog, she posts an email that she obtained by hacking into her father's email account, saying it was 'one or two years ago'. The email describes pregnancy tests altered by the Widmore Corporation to show a positive test no matter what the truth is, and also it says 'they beill be stowed aboard the flight, as per your request.' As we know, the pregnancy test Sun took during Season 2 was manufactured by Widmore Labs, a subsidiary of the Widmore Corporation. And they will be placed on the flight as per your request, this brings up a whole host of new questions on whether the tests were intenionally placed there because they knew the plane was going to crash? Is Widmore in bed with the Hanso Foundation? (I'd say most certainly) this could turn into something big when Sun doesnt start to develop as a pregnant woman should, because she's not really pregnant, it was the altered test from the Widmore Labs that made her believe she was."
Source: Revolution

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