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These were taken from the Tail Section, my personal favourite LOST Web site, and one that is normally very accurate on rumours/spoilers. They will remain in the rumours section until we have so more concrete evidence.

  • The first "sprint" of the season is a mini-season with a self contained arc running for six episodes and a larger arc being developed in the background.
  • The theme is very serialized this time around, less purely "character driven" episodes as those were thought to be dead spots for season two.
  • Remember the nursery for Claire and how many elements were derived from her background? Look for Kate, Jack, and Sawyer to have similar experiences. How much the others know about the losties and why is the big point of the initial arc.
  • What happened to Desmond, Eko, and Locke is directly tied to Kate, Jack, and Sawyer's situation with the others.
  • Henry Ian Cusick did infact sign on as a "guest star", as did the actress playing "Penelope".
Source: The Tail Section

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