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UPDATE: 1st Sept 2006 - Looks like this rumours was true. READ HERE

This was posted by Retriever over at Losttv Forums... if anyone has seen this or found it on YouTube, please let me know.

Just wanted to let you know that the season 3 commerical with actual (albeit brief) footage from season 3 is now airing. I just saw the commerical on ESPN. It is very short and I missed the beginning b/c I didn't look up and notice it was a Lost commerical at first. It only shows (as far as I know) Kate, Sawyer and Jack in that order. They all looked pretty worn down and dirty and appear to be in the same clothes they were in at the end of season 2 (though they didn't really show body shots, mainly face close ups).

There's a shot of Kate close up looking at something (if there's more w/ Kate I missed it).

Sawyer behind wooden bars shaking them (ala Kirsten's spoiler)- it seems Sawyer is out in the woods/open but it's such a close shot too it is hard to tell.

Then they show Jack trying to open some heavy door with a crank wheel on it (like something you would see on a submarine). They show the door opening and a flood of water rushing in and taking Jack down. (yup, looks like we are getting an underwater hatch and that's where Jack is). The announcer guy over the ad says something like "Just try to escape" (in reference to K/J/S being the Other's captives).
Source: LostTV Forums

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