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Thanks to my friend PirateJon for directing me to this article that appeared in the April 30 Australian TV WEEK. (If anyone has a copy of this or has any more information about this deleted line, please get in contact)
TV WEEK ask's Lost writer and co-executive producer, David Fury, about some of the wildest theories on the series- and finds out some aren't so wild after all.

Theory: The two skeletons in the cave are Jack and Kate. DF:Who knows what's possible on the island? There was something that was cut from the episode I did in which Sayid was captured by the French woman Rousseau, and tortured. She said she was with a science team, that she had come from a research vessel. There was a line that was cut from an earlier draft where he said, " What were you studying?" and she said "Time." If you think about that, suddenly you say that's Jack and Kate in the cave.
Source: Australian TV Week

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