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UPDATE: 4th October. This has been confirmed as a hoax after some research.

These are rumours that were sent to me but I've also found that they were posted by a user called velvettinmine. As a betting man I would say that these are 50% likely. As always with the rumour section, take with pinch of salt.I've been lurking here for a while, and this is by far my favorite lost board, so I'd thought that I share this information with you guys.

I can't tell you what the number's mean or any of the big questions like that, but a close friend of mine from college named Martin Browne recently lucked into a position as an assiant to 2nd Assistant Director Chip Touhey. He was never given any release so he assumes he can talk about it. As hard as it may be to believe though, he is having a horrible time, most days they are shooting for 15 or 16 hours at a stretch so it can't be fun. I thought that I would have to keep quiet but he told me at this point he really doesn't care if they let him go.

If you are wondering why I don't know much about what is going on the island itself, it is because my friend is in the Second Unit so that is usually who goes out to different locations away from the beach and soundstage. So most of my information is about flashbacks.

So I will tell you what he has let me know so far. He arrived in Hawaii when they were shooting the fourth episode of season 3. Episode 4 is indeed a Sawyer Episode not a Desmond episode like first reported, and it takes place almost entirely in his cell in a prison set in the south as evidence by the prison guard and Sawyer's unlikely ally, a slow witted latino man named Chavez who is in the cell next to Sawyer accents. As you can expect, Sawyer doesn't get along well with the Guard who eludes to Sawyer being in jail because of a car accident that killed a person (could this be locke's supposed accident that took Helen's life?)

Supposedly this is paralled on the island by Sawyer being trapped in the cage next to Karl (who we have all seen in that preview). Sawyer is visited in jail by a character Munson who's wife was conned by Sawyer and is actually pregnant with Sawyer's baby. Munson, a close friend of the prosecuor,tells Sawyer that he is going to get Sawyer locked up due to his connections. Maybe this will be explored more in Sawyer's next flashback.

The big reveal at the end of his flashback was the new prisoner that joins Sawyer in his cell is none other than Goodwin. Supposedly, Goodwin says something along the lines of "Why do bad things always happen to good people?" sounds really creppy. This may mean that the others do have a way off of the island or Goodwin didn't meet up with Hanso/Dharman yet. After hearing this, it certainly seems like the others wanted specific people on the island.

The fifth Episode is an Eko-centric episode and deals with a nigerian woman (who I can only imagine is the one seen in the black smoke.) She loves Eko but despises his drug-running ways. Eko and his brother engage in a long talk and Eko decides to give up his drug running and join his bro at the Church. They used the same church setting again, complete with the Virgin Mary statues again being sold out front again. But when he goes to tell his love interest his decision, she is dead, killed by a rival ganglord who will be seen earlier in the episode. I am assuming that this happens before the 23rd psalm and ? and this leads him to becoming more ruthless as seen in the 23rd psalm.

He says that they are starting work on the Kate Flashback episode and he is infact going back to the convention center, which may mean a flashback to the airport. Maybe we will find out something that we didn't know about the plane and that will be the big cliffhanger? This part is just pure speculation by me because they could use the convention center for almost any setting supposedly.

I'm really cautious about believing spoilers too, but don't load this topic up with posts about "i don't believe you" and the like. On October 25th we will see what I have just stated. If my friend hangs in their we may even find out what the big holy $#!% moment at the end of the 6th episode is so keep that in mind.
Source: velvettinmine

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