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I was sent this by what I consider to be a good source and I put this at 80% likely. I'm currently not allowed to reveal my source for this and I've been debating about posting this at all. As always take with salt.This is basically what happens. Some interesting little bits I will leave for the viewing.

Ep is Sun & Jin-centric called "The Glass Ballerina." Backstory focuses more on Sun's love affair with Jae Lee. It seems that her baby might not actually be Jin's after all. Jae Lee is killed at the end by a couple of a mob guys who worked for Sun's father. He also had a wife who at the end blames Sun for his death. The glass ballerina is a gift Sun's father gave her when she was a child. The flashbacks give a closer glimpse into their relationship as well.

On the island Sayid formulates a rescue mission with Jin and Sun. He says they need to continue to circle the island and find The Other's real camp which must be inland not too far from where they are. Sayid is desperate to rescue Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Sun protests saying they can't just go running into the jungle to try and save them when they know so little and accuses him of putting their lives in danger because he's obsessed with revenge against The Others. It's obvious that deep down Sun actually wants to leave with the sailboat while they can, but Jin, like Sayid, is determined to help his friends. Sun gives in and asks what she can do to help but Jin tells her to just keep safe, he can't have anything happen to her now.

Some of The Others have apparently scouted them and report back to the hydra station. Alex tells Ben about the sailboat. He says he wants the boat and they'll have to do something about that.

Ben later comes to Jack with an offer. Jack is completely beaten down, Ben touches on this. He says that he should give up on Kate and Sawyer, they aren't his friends, etc. He tells Jack that he can give him a boat to return home with if he gives them something in return.

They first need his services as a doctor.

Jack won't agree to it though. And it's clear that Ben isn't giving up on this yet.

Meanwhile Kate and Sawyer are taken out of the cages and led off into a clearing in the jungle where they are put to work digging. Yes, digging. The Other in charge here bosses them around a bunch and roughs up Sawyer a bit. Sawyer doesn't cooperate at first and nearly gets his jaw broken by new girl Colleen, who I don't think we've seen before. When asked why they are digging the guy says "No questions no hesitation, get to work".

At night, Sun, Jin and Sayid reach the dock where Michael and Walt were set free and are ambushed by Zeke and some others. They have a shootout. Sun is shot at on the boat, and falls into the water. When Sun resurfaces, we see that Sayid killed one of them, the rest retreated back into the jungle. Sayid says they have to follow after them. Sun expresses to Jin how she really feels. And ultimately it's decided the three of them need to return back to camp and regroup with the rest of the losties.

Zeke/Tom tells Ben that they didn't get the boat and that they lost one of them. For the first time we see some real anger from Ben. He tells Tom he will not allow another failure.

At the end The Others tell Sawyer and Kate they're done for the night. They send them back to their cages, both exhausted.

Believe me or don't, but that's the episode.
Source: Anonymous

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