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A user (Itdesign) from the TWOP forums posted this about the script they had read for Episode 6.Sayid and Locke are walking through the forest, talking about why Eko dies and Locke is saying something about it being his destiny or some such crazy Locke thing (can't totally remember) and they find what Locke is looking for: his Jesus stick.

Sawyer tells Kate that there are two islands, there's no point trying to escape, then they bicker about it and then, well, I stopped reading (see above) but you probably imagine what happens next. Think dirty thoughts.
Kate kisses first; then I decided I'd seen too much and stopped reading. But since there's been so much build up about Kate "choosing", I'd pretty much assumed this was the big "choosing" moment.
Here's what I remember: Sawyer tells her there are 2 islands and she says something like, "Well, when were you going to me that?" and I think he says he wasn't or something and she says, "Why not?" and he says ...

dun dun dunnnnnn

Because I wanted to give us a chance.

then she kisses him.
Source: Itdesign@TWOP Forum

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