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UPDATE: Confirmed as a hoax by the latest podcast (20th Feb)

Was sent this by a poster who wishes to remain anonymous. I think this is a little bogus personally as we know Rousseau has already recorded some scenes but this could be just a misquote. I work at a recording industry in California, and Mira Furlan came in today to record some songs for her new album (don't ask.) In case you didn't know, she is also the actress to plays Rousseau on Lost. I got a chance to speak with her and asked her if there was anything she could reveal about this season of Lost. She said she hasn't filmed at all yet this season, but she's scheduled to do a lot of filming for episode 15. She said she's gonna be filming both on and off the island. So, unless she gets off the island, it seems that Rousseau's getting a flashback for episode 15. This should be good.
Source: Anon Poster

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