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Received this from salmaan regarding this weeks show.

UPDATE: This is allegedly from the former InsiderScoop who posted full episode Synopsis prior to an episode Airing, so I am rather inclined to believe this.

dark, this is from a poster on the tailsection named bannedscoop, he/she says this is from insider scoop, whoever it is did not provide a link, maybe u should put it in the rumors:

I’ve seen the show if you don’t want any spoilers don’t read the rest of this.

I had decided not to write spoilers anymore but I can’t keep my anger to myself this time. I blame the Promos because they are really misleading. The show itself wasn’t so bad but if your looking for the “big” mysteries to be answered you won’t find it in the upcoming epi.

You find out that Jack’s tattoo says (although he walks among us he is not one of us.)

The whole Cindy part was pitiful. What you see in the promo is all you’re going to get. (we’re here to watch)

Jack asks why are you with them.
Cindy: it’s not that simple.
Jack :What are you doing here?
Cindy: We’re here to watch

Then the little girl from the tail section whispers in Cindys’ ear

Cindy says she wants to know how Anna Lucia is.

Jack gets angry and yells are you kidding me, you have something to watch Cindy then go watch it!

They start to leave and the little boy from the tail section gives him a look as if to say your mean what’s your problem.

Kate asks Carl where they live. They live on the same Island our losties are on. The island where Jack was being held was where they worked.

She asked what did you do with the kids and people you took.

Carl: We gave them a better life
Kate: Better than what?
Carl: Better than yours.

Yes that was it! And those are supposed to be the big answers unless I missed something which I didn’t. The epi itself wasn’t horrible but it was lacking in so many ways.
Source: BannedScoop@TheTailsection

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