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I've just been sent this by someone called JamesXY. Seems interesting although currently we believe that 17 is a Desmond flashback although that has not been 100% confirmed. A lot of the details match with what I know but some is new.

I saw a call sheet for an upcoming episode. Don't remember what the title was, but I do recall that it was episode 317. Now, this was just a call sheet, not a script. It was basically just a shooting schedule. I'm not even sure "call sheet" is the right term. I should probably be calling it a "shooting schedule." Anyway, it consisted of scene locations, followed by short scene descriptions, so from that I was able to get a small sense of what will happen in the episode. This is what I was able to gather:

-The flashback story is about Juliet. It will also include Ethan and that Mittelos guy (forgot his name, but I remembered it on the call sheet).
-Presumably, we'll see Juliet's history on the island.
-One scene took place in an airport in February 2001. The rest of the flashback scenes were all on the island between '01-'04.
-According to one scene description, Juliet was in bed in her island house, cuddling with Goodwin, when Ben knocks on her door!
- Also, Juliet arrives on the island in a submarine
-That submarine will be blown up in an upcoming episode. (One of the scene descriptions mentioned that it was happening after the submarine exploded in 3x13)
-In the main island story, Jack and Juliet have joined the Losties. One of the scene descriptions was something like this: "Juliet gives medicine to the survivors (Locke: "This means you're one of us now")".
-Also, there was a location called "New Otherton," which I can only assume is what we've been calling Otherville! It looked like the Losties had trekked out there.

Make of this info what you will. I think this episode sounds fun.

Source: JamesXY

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