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Update: This has now been confirmed by InsiderScoop along with some additional information. This is now being discussed in the spoiler section.

Thanks to Doletrain over at the LostTV Forums for the following which I believe to be true. I am trying to confirm this with another source who I believe has also see the episode.

It opens w/ a young Hugo, getting ready to work on an old car. His Dad (Cheech Marin) suggests he give hope a try & just attempt to start the car w/o fixing the carburetor. Hugo turns the key, nothing.

Dad gives Hugo a candy bar, Hugo protests, says Mom says he shouldn't, Dad tells him to live a little. Then says he has to leave, sorry he has to cancel his trip to the Grand Canyon w/ him, then hops on a motorcycle & rides off.

Cut to present day Hurley on beach, telling story of how they were captured to unseen listener, says he's scared, lost hope, been scared a lot lately, "the only time I wasn't scared was when I was w/ you, Libby." Pan to reveal Hurley at Libby's grave.

Some business at the beach...I forget a lot of this...Hurley's trying to cheer up a despondent Charlie, who's upset about his supposed imminent demise...Vincent runs out of the jungle w/ a mummified arm w/ a key in his mouth. Hurley runs after.

Flashback to Hugo, Randy, and a newsreporter outside a Mr. Clucks. She's doing a puff piece about Hugo winning the lottery, buying Cluck's & employing his former boss. Hugo is distracted & freaked by his curse, waiting for something to happen. Reporter gets irritated, goes inside to shoot footage. Hugo's talking to Randy when all of the sudden, a meteor scorches out of the sky & destroys Mr. Clucks...

Hurley finds an old VW van w/ the rest of the corpse inside. Hurley returns to the beach to try to get people to help him fix it...no one volunteers, except Jin, who can't understand what's happening. They trek off to the forest

Sawyer & Kate return, still bickering a bit, big reunion...
Sawyer flips out about his missing stuff, confronts Desmond & Charlie, goes off to find Hurley (who drank the scotch w/ them)...

Jin & Hurley are working on flipping the van..

Flashback to Hurley returning to his mansion, freaking out about the curse, says he has to go to Australia, his mother tries to talk him down, says there's proof that there's no curse, "Look who's here," and Hurley's dad enters, after being gone for 17 years.

Sawyer finds Hurley & Jin & confronts Hurley. Hurley: "Dude, you're alive!" and embraces Sawyer. They're all chummy & manage to flip the van. They find Dharma beer & a map inside, apparently a road project that was underway.

I'm going to jump ahead...

Jin & Sawyer try to convince Hurley the van is unrepairable. Hurley gets an idea & runs off to get Charlie, finds him on the beach & tells him to snap out of it, he needs his help, it'll help him get over his fear of dying...

Flashback, Hurley's packing for Australia, his father tries to talk him out of it, yeah, he came back for the money, but that's not why he's staying...

Hurley convinces Jin & Sawyer to push the van down a hill, he & charlie will pop start it by putting it in 2nd. They tell him he's crazy, they'll die, rocks at the bottom.

They reluctantly obey, the van is pushed... (I'll leave this scene alone)

The episode ends w/ Kate off in the forest, heading back to rescue Jack. She's following a trail. Locke & Sayid intercept her. They want to come w/. A shot fires out, they draw, Kate shouts "Don't shoot, I just want to talk..." Out of the darkness steps......ROUSSEAU!!

Kate tells her of where's she's been, who's she's seen, and more importantly, who helped her escape, a 16 year old girl by the name of Alex....

Source: Doletrain@LostTV

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