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Intriguing bit of information sent to me by Sean.

My blog is not a spot you would normally visit when looking for major network television spoilers, so if you’re worried I’m about to reveal something HUGE about one of my favourite programmes and possibly yours, please look away NOW!

Still here? Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The TV show in question is ABC’s “Lost”, which airs here in the UK on SKY One, or on your PC courtesy of BitTorrent!

The route of this bit of spoilage is rather circuitous, but it comes from a mythical friend of a friend of a friend and it ties in with a casting notice I read on a proper spoiler site.

Yes, I read spoilers. For me, it’s part of the fun!

Anyway, the characters I’m talking about are in an upcoming episode; a hippy couple, and their character names have been purposefully left off the casting notice.

I can confirm, according to my source, that the hippy couple, are the Degroots. They were part of the group that founded the Dharma Initiative, according to Lost-lore.

But that’s not my big, juicy, bit of spoilage. Oh no, this is even bigger than that!

No, what I found out is the identity of their offspring. It’s a regular character and I’ll give you a little hint. This character has mentioned on several occasions that HE was BORN on the island.

That’s right Lost-fans, Ben is none other than the son of the Degroots!

Expect this shocker to drop during the series finale!

If this turns out to be wrong, please don’t shoot the messenger. I think the original source is reliable and it fits in with other known info.

Apologies to non-Lost fans as well, but this is a big deal. Normal hippy service will resume in my next post.

Source: North London Hippy

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