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HOAX : Rumours from The Tailsection

Just saw this interesting post by my good friend DocArzt over at The Tailsection.
I was having this conversation with someone who, on occasion, works for the LOST crew over in Hawaii who let slip some very intriguing information. Let's see what you can make of this.

First of all, I should say that this guy is talking on semi-second-hand info. So it could be a mince of fact and speculation, but its so damn interesting that I had to share it, and the fact that his information has been 100% correct in the past makes it worth talking about. Here's the conversation. (I tape everything, don't call me if your paranoid.)

...big new character thing coming up. Seen any signs of them preparing to film underground sequences as has been rumored?

"That's a big joke around here. When Carlton said underground it was like a joke on everybody and they don't even know it yet..."

What do you mean by that?

"Well... I don't know really... they have a unit that is sort of the black ops of LOST right now... shooting some really high altitude stuff..."

Oh... like the people come from the mountains?

"(laughs) not exactly... see... the jokes on you now..."

I have no idea what you're talk about. Like aerial stuff?

".. LOST has had very very few aerial shots, ever notice that? I think maybe one with the raft in season one..."

So something that can only be seen from the sky?

"... I don't know a lot of the specifics [LIAR!] , but remember the pallet drop in season two?"


"Bro' working with Grass Skirt, like full time, said it wasn't dropped by a plane..."

So like there's a big conveyor belt in the sky?


Dharma blimp?

"ooooooo... well... now...."

Get outta town. There is no Dharma blimp.


Oh I get it. That was the significance of having Billie Dee Williams guest... Lando... city in the clouds.

"(laughs) well... your beyond my knowledge now... all I know is there is some high altitude stuff and it involves the pallet and the flame hatch and these new people..."

People from the sky? Nutso.

Source: The Tailsection

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