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My friends over at The Tailsection have this rumour posted earlier today. What are your thoughts, True/False, Excited?

Wow... the struggle to keep from accidental tipping my spoiler cup on the front page and still write a compelling excerpt... do the tortuous demands of blogging ever relent? But seriously, if you follow spoilers and rumors you probably already have at least half an idea of what I am going to be saying here, and if you don't then you probably won't care, so in the vaguest terms possible to get you to click on through ... there are rumors today (last night actually, but I wrote them today) that the DeGroots will be seen 'out of their element'. Read on.
If this isn't true, then it ought to be. Essentially what is being said is that the DeGroot flashback is not a 'Dharma' flashback and that it in fact adds more murk to the Dharma mystery by suggesting that Dharma's inception was inspired by knowledge of the island. Am I saying that correctly? Probably not. Let me try again.

The DeGroot flashback (who's island present connects to the DeGroots?) will take place either before Dharma is thought of, or at the very beginning of it and will involve a character that we associate with the Dharma mythology in a heavily symbolic way who happens to have a little knowledge of this places special properties. So the question of, did Dharma know what they were getting into when they selected mystery island as their base of operations will be a yes.

How do I rank the veracity of this info? On a scale of 1 to 10, its a 5. I despise it because it forces me to consider elements from the game, and that hurts my brain. But I love it because there has to be a pivot point established somewhere in the story that explains why the island can be tripped over by some, but impossible to reach for others, and according to the rumor, this episode will provide that pivot point.

Source: The Tailsection

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