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Been having several conversations with this source, who came across as quite convincing and has some inside knowledge that I've been aware of myself but have not yet released. As a result I've decided to post these rumours, although the the Libby one just seems a little off, although with all the foilers etc flying around currently, I guess anything could be true.

Let's have your guesses as to what the object is? My guess is that she has the same photo of Desmond and Penny that Desmond also has.

UPDATE 22:50 GMT: The part about the parachutist/Catch -22/photo I can confirm as true after talking to another of my sources

HOAX:In Charlie's next episode, he will start seeing visions of long deceased Shannon and Libby, telling him they need his help, Desmond warns him against it, saying this may infact lead to his death.

TRUE:In the end of Catch 22, Desmond will find something on the parachutist, and this something should not exist in the time they are in.

Source: Tomcat

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