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Got a rumour that I've sort of verified with another source. It's still a rumour and should be treated as such, but it's rare that I get a double confirmation.

Andy I have some more major spoilers for you regarding the episodes leading up to the finale.In an upcoming episode the script that I've read has Ben explaining some stuff about the properties of the island and part of this is the explanation of the "door" hatch that both Michael and Sayid observed.Everyone assumed that this door was fake when in fact is it actually a door that can allow access to another to the islands "box".I've also heard and this is a rumour that this door allows characters from the other timeline to be "brought" back.My guess is Christian Shephard.I can also confirm that in an upcoming episode that the object you discussed on your site about an object that could not exist in this timeline is the photo of des and pen and the key word here is TIMELINE.ill update when i know more.eyedrop

Source: Eyedrop

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