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Update: 29th August Received the following update.

Baby Kwon and Aaron are friends.

There is a wooden bike.

Unsure if Jack/Kate made it to the island.

Ken won't appear in the flash forward until towards the end with Jin and Sun nowhere in sight.

He is in a science lab with tons of different equipment

There is a younger female there. Unknown relationship to Ken.

He says he figured how it was possible.

The camera flashes to Two identical rabbits

I personally think he figured out time travel or cloning.

I've received the following from a source that comes via a third party so I cannot post this in the spoilers as it was not directly sent via my source who works on the set. Here are the details of what they can reveal.

- An up coming episode will feature a Jin/Sun Centric
- The new character played by Ken Leung will be their son

As always take with some dosages of salt.

Source: DarkUFO

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