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Thanks to Tommy for the following. The format is pretty similar when comparing them to past scripts although in a change to previous scripts there is no "Copyright" notice at the bottom of the front cover. I suspect this is a foiler as the "Eyes Only" watermark is not something we've seen before, but you never know. Remember we have been given stuff in the past that was found on the beach which turned out to be 100% authentic.

They also look in very good condition for something that was found on the beach along with some grammatical errors and a typo :)

Anyway, on with the images.

Note: Here is a link to an authentic Lost Script - Tabula Rasa.

My name is Tom (tommy) and i live in Waikiki. Yesterday my friend and i found something that both of us were interested in and we know you probably would too. We're lost fans and we've gone to some of the places they used to film but yesterday we found two strange papers scattered on the beach. I don't know if these are real or not, but they sure as hell look legit to me and johnny (my friend). I've attached the pics we took of them on this e-mail...

(Click to enlarge)

Source: Tommy in Waikiki

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