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Here are some more rumours from The ODI source along with his comments below each one.

As always my opinion is after the dashed lines in orange:

1) Dominic Monaghan & Maggie Grace are in talks to come back for more flashbacks

-- There you go Charlie and Shannon lovers...!! There was a rumor about Dom last week floating around net so it seems this could really be true...but I am sure they will be in FBs or Visions....unless we are talking about them coming back for Season 7....you know zombie season....

2) Aaron Littleton will be seen in a flash forward

-- Wow...Aaron in a FF..!? Now this one is crazy because I was just joking with several of you because of the Lost Fantasy League and if this is true and happens this season well I know I will rack up some serious points..!!

3) The Rousseau Flashback is on hold untll later in the season or next but she will be seen in 2 other FBs that will give us fans more of a reason not to trust her

-- Hmmm....well the producers did tell us at Comicon that few other things had to play out before we get more of her story so not two much of a surprise but I definitely feel she has been lying about several things...

4) We will get another episode that will detail what DHARMA has been doing on the island long before Ben and his father came to the island.

-- Anything to do with Dharma I love and this is also not too much of a shock because the producers have said we will get more to the story so it looks like this is true....and info pre Ben...now that is sweet...!!

5) The person inside the coffin is not Locke but another castaway...also disregard the newspaper article in the finale...it will be rewritten....

-- WTF!? This is a little confusing and I know I posted that Kristin told me Locke was in the coffin, but she did tell me that the writers did change their minds about showing Locke....now my source is telling me that it is NOT Locke and the article will be rewritten...??? At this point I have no idea about this one.....as far as another castaway...well I guess any one at this point...??

6) The first episode with Michael will take place right after "Live Together, Die Alone"

-- Well this seems interesting....so it looks like we get to see right away what happened to Walt and Michael in his first episode back....no word on the format of the episode....but perhaps a Michael FB...??

7) A new love triangle will begin episode 4 (not involving jack or sawyer)

-- Oh geez....annnnother triangle....whhhyyy....?? Source would not confirm who...but maybe Des and Claire begin to get closer now that Chollie is gonzo...??

8) Two more Losties will die....a male and a female. The male will die on the island, while the female will die in a FLASHFORWARD via suicide

-- WTF...!! More death...!? As many of you know I am not a fan of death of main characters on this show, but this is just crazy....two deaths this season with one being during a FF....!! That is actually kind of sweet....but I hope no one else really dies....

Well thats all for now....these are some interesting potential spoilers what do you all think....??

Thanks for reading and namaste...

Source: THE ODI

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