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Update: 3rd October Thanks to several sources this has been confirmed true. I've also added another translation that was sent to me by Sergio along with some scans of the magazine.

Thanks to Lucidity from the Fuselage for emailing me the following information. I'm pretty sure this is real but until I establish how credible Televisionarium is I'll leave it in Rumours for now.

Never done anything like this before, but thought I'd give it a try. There was a "Virtual Press Conference" a few days back and there have been snippets popping up here and there - you've got some of it listed as an interview with Sci-Fi Wire.

Anyway, I found this complete transcription / translation (http://www.televisionarium.com). It's been translated into Spanish, so I've translated it back into English, i.e. wording will have been lost, but I'm confident the meaning is 100% correct.

I think the main thing that I hadn't seen mentioned elsewhere is that they seem to be confirming Time Travel is what Lost is about. Oh, also, just to add, I have no idea how valid this "Televisionarium" site is - they could've made the whole thing up for all I know. But it certainly fits with the other stuff coming out and it all sounds very Darlton.


Source: Lucidity

Hi Dark!

It seems that Darlton gave an interview to a brazilian newspaper called "O Globo". They gave a couple of interesting spoilers, but some of the info is already in the Sci Fi Wire article.
So, what's new? They say that the person in the coffin at the end of season three is someone we already know. Also, they say that they have a name for the island: Herbert Jablonski (I did a quick wikipedia search and come up with several Jablonski's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jablonski). There are also a lot of other interesting tidbits, namely an exclusive extra on the blu-ray release of season three.

You can find the scans here (provided by our brazilian friends of "Dude! We Are Lost!"):

Magazine Scans

And here's a quick translation of the original article (sorry for any english errors ;)):

Source: Sergio from Lost in Portugal

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