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Update: 26th October In the next 24 hours I will be reposting this information in the Spoilers section with a full translation from the original author. I've now confirmed this information with a couple of sources and I'm now confident enough to say that these are true. I am awaiting the full translation/information from the source but as soon as I have it I'll make the full post in the spoilers section.

Thanks to caca01 for directing me to the Brazilian blog LostInLost. It's in Brazilian/Portuguese but here are the key points as I can see them.

If there are any errors in my translation, please let me know.

- They appear to be from someone who went on Vacation to Hawaii.
- The spoilers are for episode 3
- They found part of the script/production notes
- Episode 3 was being called "The Economist" as the title on the production notes.
- Rebecca Mader is Charlotte.
- It is a Sayid episode set in the future with Sayid living in Germany with his new girlfriend Elsa.
- Elsa is not happy with Sayid as he won't tell her about his new job.
- Hurley is kidnapped and imprisoned in Juliet's house
- Sayid and Locke realize there is something wrong with the new people from the Freighter.
- Charlotte goes back to the Freighter and Sayid wants some of the survivors to go with her.
- Kate and Sawyer have a big argument in this episode.
- Hurley will be rescued by Juliet

Thanks to a friend they have provided a full translation.

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