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Update: 9th Jan 2008 Most of these are now confirmed as hoax, although we may still see Vincent in Episode 2 ;)

Update: 26th Oct A couple more minor rumours from The ODI's source. His comments follow the bullet points.

I had a little chat with our favortie source for info and they mentioned a few interesting tidbits for Season 4 of LOST.

Nothing too shocking but the information still gives us some direction on what we could expect to see this season. As always thanks for reading and enjoy....

My opinion after the dashes.

1) Vincent makes an appearance in episode 2.

-- Not that this is really that significant, but there are several Vincent fans out there....and to be honest I expect to see him in Episode 1 actually... :)

2) Saywer's next FB could be about the "Tampa Job"

-- Once again I questioned our source for more info and they referred me to the Lostpedia.com page about the Tampa Job. Once again nothing shocking, but good to see that this part of the story is being planned to be covered.

3) Rousseau "knows something" about Ben and will reveal it in Ben's next episode.

-- Now once again a little vague, but many of us feel that Rousseau has been hiding something from us all or just not telling us the truth especially when it comes to Ben. Soooo I am glad that we might finally get to see more about what she knows....!!

Source: The ODI

Thanks to The ODI for following. Visit his site to see his comments and thoughts on this info from his source.

I know this list of spoilers does not add much new, but it does fill in some gaps and it does confirm some of what we already are hearing and seeing....here you go....

1) Nathan Fillion who played Kevin Callis (Kate's Ex-Husband) is in talks with producers to return to the show for another cameo role.

2) Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert) may be killed off or depending on how Ben's story unfolds he may not be coming back to the show just for this season.

3) Locke will explain the hatch implosion

4) Desmond's next flashback is to be about his time with the British Royal Scots

5) Charles Widmore will be part of Desmond's FB

6) John Terry (Christian Shepard -- Jack's Dad) returns in Matthew Fox (Jack) FB/FF episode and it will finally put the whole is he dead or not topic to rest

Source: The ODI

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