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TRUE : Helicopter Pilot


Thanks to Lyly for finding this post over at TWoP.

Spent some time today with a guy who flies helicopters for the show. He claimed that he just finished filming and his story line was that he was flying "bad guys" (his description) to the island. When he asked where these people were coming from, so he could understand the plot, he was told a freighter off the island. He made it pretty clear that the people that he is bringing in are not good news for the survivors of 815 and there are a lot of them. My source is pretty good about keeping his mouth shut and that's all I could get out of him. In all fairness, though he has flown for the show before, he was never a participant in the actual storyline and he never followed the plot lines, so his info has always been in bits and pieces and he doesn't really understand how it all fits together. This time he says he is part of the action in an acting capacity, I think that means he will actually been seen piloting the helicopter. He was just told he will be returning for more filming. Sounds like the writers are making this all up as they go along.

Source: Timetraveler@TWOP

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