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Update: 17th October The ODI over at his blog asked his source about these spoilers.

1) The freighter people say they are looking for someone and it is planned as long story arc which will last most likely the whole season. We will get some answers to who and why in last few episodes of season. Someone WILL leave the island, but at this point it will ONLY be the freighter guys. Freighter guys leaving will not be important at "first" but will play role later.

-- I questioned our source and they followed with:

How can I say this...they are looking for someone and we will like them but they can not be trusted because they are there for more then just someone and it will be explained more by Ben [FB] and in the Dharma Episode, the episode that will be about before Ben was on the island

2) In the first episode that Michael returns he has hit "rock bottom" from the guilt of his actions

3) As Dark's rumor states and as I posted in a previous blog...we will see the temple at some point in the first half of the season (8 episodes) and we will be surprised.

4) Desmond will play an important role this season and Penny will be on the show but NOT on the island. Plus we will also get to see the man she was going to marry.

-- Asking our source for further clarification we got this:

After Desmond's release from prison, Penny tracked him down in the U.S. She asked him why he never wrote to her, and whether he ever had a chance to read Our Mutual Friend. When Desmond asked how she found him, she replied that with enough money and determination, you can track anyone. She then learned that Desmond had been told by her father that she had given up hope and had become engaged to another man. She neither confirmed nor denied this, only stating that they hadn't set a wedding date yet.

5) Sawyer has NOT filmed a FF and the FFs are being kept very secretive with a very small crew.

6) No confirmation about the chance of a cameo by Nathan Fillion (Kevin Kate's Ex-Husband) yet.

7) The footage of Jack's scenes for the Kate's Trial episode might not be aired

-- We asked for clarification and got this reply:

I was pissed when I found this out and didn't like this idea at all

8) The death will be a MAIN character that is a fan favorite and a male character, plus it will occur on island most likely by mid-season. It will be likely one of the four: Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid or Jin.

Source: The ODI

Thanks to Luthien and Lyly for both emailing me with the following which is from a Turkish speaking individual who claims to have a small walk on part during filming. This one seems extremely dubious but hey, still 3.5 months till Lost, so what the hell :)

Jeremy Davis and Ken Laugh are playing very interesting characters and most probably their characters will be loved by many ppl

No one will be rescued from the island!

Desmond will have a very important storyline in the new season

The mystery of the magnetic forces that surrounded the island will be resolved in the new season... Penny's father is involved in this story

Locke was in a very few scenes in the first episodes but he will play a big role later

You will meet the temple in the first 8 episodes and you will be surprised

Sawyer has filmed a flash-forward

Penny will be one of the island cast in the new season, she will probably come to the island in the 4th episode

The freighter guys wont be the ppl who will bring evil to the island!

Michael is in a very bad situation. you will be surprised when you see Michael and Walt. and just a little hint: Walt might not be the person you're thinking of

The guy in the coffin is not Sawyer, Ben or Michael

Source: Dizidizi

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