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Received the following just now from someone I know who got this info from a colleague of his. His friend claims he was speaking to one of the people involved in the Lost writing process. Sounds a but far-fetched and a bit too similar to the fake crash TV Report a while ago, but then again no one believed the spoilers about the Season 2 Premiere with a man called Desmond being in the Hatch :)

Season 4 will begin with air traffic control speaking to the pilot of a plane that is in trouble. It will show both the plane and air traffic control in various shots. This is all done in a way that will make us believe it's NOT the Oceanic flight that Jack, Locke etc were on. Except it is. We'll see the plane crashing into the sea. We'll see the dead bodies of people we know. Then the "Lost" logo will come out of the screen.

Source: Bullman via DarkUFO

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