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The ODI has kindly sent me the latest rumours from his source along with his comments on each.

As always my opinion is after the dashes.

1) Alex will get some sort of flashback episode and will question Ben about her Mother

-- oooOOoo a FB for Alex...?? I have been hoping for a FB for Danielle that I never even thought about this possibility, but I like it...!! Of course more of Ben is always a good thing...!!

2) Karl is seen in the first two episodes and the writers will try to explain his back story and the effects that Room 23 had on him

-- Effects of Rm 23...ummm he was brainwashed...!! Well Rm 23 is still on of the freakiest things ever to be shown on LOST and gettin a little explanation on what happened to Karl is great to hear!

3) Claire will find out that Jack's her brother but from someone other then Jack

-- Woot we knew Claire would find out and well it seemed logical it would be someone other than Jack....hmmm perhaps CS alive...lol...the big question is will Jack be there as well or will Claire be the only one to find out...??

4) The end of episode 7 will be one of the "game changers" this season however it may not be this episode since the filming is not being done in chronological order.

-- Well it seems like this "game changer" will occur at the end of episode 7 because that is what Jorge Garcia pretty much said in his blog

5) Some Losties will go to "Othersville" while others will explore the island

-- For all you spoiler lovers....this was something that one of DarkUFO's sources also provided to him....so perhaps the source is right about Kate finding Hurley in Juliet's closet. WTF he is doing there in the first place who knows...??

6) You will meet the people behind the cover up of Flight 815

-- Whoooaaa this is an interesting one...not shocking, because I assumed that there was a cover up and that it was Widmore's people who perhaps are connected to the freighter people. At least this pretty much confirms it was a cover up and that the Lostie are NOT stuck in you know ummm...Puuurr....

7) Juliet's flashback episode will be about her time on the island and her mark of shame

-- Well doesn't seem too exciting plus didn't her mark occur in present time on the island...?? Perhaps this just means we will learn more about what the mark means...I hope it is not more about Jacks Tats....!!?? :)

8) We will see and find out what happened to Annie later in the season

-- Nice I was happy to see this and I am assuming this will occur in Ben's FB episode.

9) Rachel Carlson (Juliet's Sister) will be seen again but in another castaway's flashforward

-- Wow I expected to see Rachel again at some point but in a castaway FF is pretty sweet..!!

10) Producers considered bringing in Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje for a cameo in Locke's episode but it seems unlikely and he will be replaced by another dead castaway.

-- Nooooooo!!!!!!! It can't be...!! This is terrible news I am a huge AAA (Eko) fan and this was one thing I was hoping to occur this season....AAA as Mr. Eko in a Locke vision or FB...!! D&C please bring back Eko.....!!

As always thanks for reading and namaste.

Source: The ODI

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