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Thanks to Bolivar Baez for the following which seems legit but playing it safe so posting in rumours.

I was reading the Jeremy Davies's forum at IMDB and read this post:

"I just came from the Lost set, where I was working as an extra for the day. Jeremy was playing an Oxfordian professor of physics. The crew placed cast me as a student. I didn't have any lines, but Jeremy ended up delivering a couple lines to me.

He thanked me after every take (!) for holding on to one of the props, which he totally didn't have to do, and he also thanked me for my patience. It was a real pleasure to work with him and to see how everything works on the Lost set. I hadn't heard his name before today (though I did recognize him from Saving Private Ryan), but I'll remember him for having a gracious and gregarious attitude. What a nice dude.

Source: Jeremy Davies Forum at IMDB

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