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Update: 5th Feb After speaking with one of my contacts who has just returned from vacation he can confirm this is fake.

I found this posted over at IMDB and I checked with a couple of my source who said it was unlikely but they had not yet seen episode 7, so I'll post it here in Rumours until I can get confirmation either way.

Basically, I was working on the set of Lost during the filming of the first eight episodes. Due to the strike, I've been fired, so I'll be honest... I'm really rather pissed off at the writers.

Perhaps I'm being petty, but I'm sure some of you guys want to know one of the bigger story twists from Season Four.

Don't read below if you don't want to be spoiled. I'm angry at the writers, not you guys.

Claire gets onto a rescue helicopter with Jeremy Davie's character Daniel, along with Aaron, fulfilling Desmond's prophesy. However, as they leave the island, Daniel takes Aaron from her, giving him to some miscellaneous Freighter type, and pushes Claire into the ocean from the helicopter. It's more shocking due to the fact she doesn't get a centric episode for it. Sun and Jin do.
I wasn't personally involved in their storyline, as it wasn't filmed where I was working on Hawaii, but I believe they also get a big twist in their flash forward

Source: IMDB

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